Monday, September 28, 2009

What Does 'Love' Mean?

What does 'LOVE' mean?

Love is a word that many use liberally but too many don't know what it means. I myself was curious about it. It was a word that I thought meant too little to too many. I went to the original Hebrew meaning, and after much research, and learning what it meant, it changed my life. It came down to 11 words: 'To be in harmony or in agreement with something or someone'. So I took that definition and used it in place of the word 'love'. If I loved someone, then that would mean that I was 'in agreement and in harmony with something or someone', which meant that I was willing to accept a person the way they were, and not judge or attempt to change them. It also changed the way I interpreted 'Thou shall love thy God with all your spirit, soul, mind and body'. That meant that I would be willing to be in agreement with God's plans for me, for us, and if so, then my life's plan was sure to be a success! Conversely, I realized that I didn't 'love' pickles, since I have no clue how to be in harmony or in agreement with one! If we love someone, then we agree to accept them as they are, or if not, let them be! If someone cannot accept who, what and how you are, assuming your are not doing any harm, then be true to yourself and stay your course. Simple, isn't it?